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How to Qualify

Follow these easy steps.

Eligibility Period

Jan 30 - May 7, 2016

Sign Up

  1. Create a Account (if you do not currently have one)
  2. Download the Poker Software and create a Poker Account
  3. Compete to win your WSOP Ring!

About WSOP Online Ring Events

Win cash and bragging rights in the form of an official WSOPC ring! will host two online WSOPC Events:

  • WSOPC $60,000 GT* on May 7th @ 15:00 - $300+$20 Buy in (One optional Re-buy)
  • WSOPC $90,000 GT on May 8th @ 15:00 - $500+$30 Buy in (Freezeout)

Qualifiers will begin on Sunday, February 21st. You won't want to miss this chance to get yourself a piece of WSOPC bling!

Good luck players!

Additional Information

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