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How to Qualify

Follow these easy steps.

Eligibility Period

Jan 19 - Feb 1, 2015

Bet Now

  1. Place a minimum $10 Sports Action or PlayNow Sports qualifying bet
  2. Visit our Facebook Page
  3. Enter the contest with the ticket number on your Sports Action or PlayNow Sports bet receipt

Promotion Dates

The big game is only a few days away! Bet on SB 49 in Arizona for your chance to win 2015 Hawks tickets!

There are two ways to enter to win; one through a minimum $10 bet on Sports Action and the other through a minimum $10 sports bet on

  1. A Qualified Entrant is a BC resident 19 years of age or older who is eligible to travel to the United States. A Qualified Entrant does not include:

    • BCLC employees
    • Game Day employees
    • Shoutlet employees
    • BCLC Lottery Retailers and their respective employees
    • Family and household members residing at the same address of all the above (a-d).
  2. To obtain a Qualified Entry, a Qualified Entrant must:

    • Purchase a Sports Action lottery ticket (the "Sports Action Ticket"), or place a sports bet on (the "PlayNow Sports bet"), of a minimum $10 value during an Entry Period (January 19 to 3:30PT on February 1, 2015) an
    • Enter the contest by completing and submitting the SB 49 Contest entry form at The entry form must include the twenty (20) digit control number found at the bottom of the Sports Action Ticket OR the fifteen (15) digit ticket number (or Receipt ID) of the qualifying PlayNow Sports bet.
    • A PlayNow Sports bet will not qualify as an Entry if purchased with a Freebet Token.
  3. Qualified Entries must be received during the Entry Period.
  4. Each qualifying individual Sports Action Ticket and/or PlayNow Sports bet can only be submitted as a qualified entry once. For each unique Sports Action Ticket or PlayNow Sports bet entered, the Participant will receive one (1) Entry There is no limit to the number of unique Sports Action Tickets or PlayNow Sports bets that may be submitted during the Entry Period.
  5. Bets placed with a Freebet Token are NOT eligible as a Qualified Entry

Terms and Conditions

DISCLAIMER: In the event of a discrepancy between the posted conditions on this site and the official conditions, the latter shall prevail.