Pan For Gold is a $2 instant win scratch card game with a $25k top prize. The game is based on finding gems and gold. The theme is the gold rush of the Wild West.

How to Play

Set Your Bet

The bet value is set for each card and cannot be adjusted. The bet value ($2) is shown on the bottom right of the scratch card interface and on the BUY CARD button. The bet is deducted from the current balance, which is located on the bottom left of the scratch card interface.

Start the Game

A tutorial on how to play will be shown after loading the game. The player will be briefly introduced to a map which will zoom into the 'Goldville' area to enter the game, where a prospector sits beside a river. Pressing the 'BUY CARD' button represented as a gold sheriff's badge (located to the right of the paytable) will start the game. Once the 'BUY CARD' button has been selected the player will be asked to dunk their pan 3 times to find gems and gold.


When the 'default' scratch card interface is displayed (before the game has been started) there is a 'BUY CARD' button represented as a gold sheriff's badge. There is also a 'BACK TO MAP' button which takes the player back to the map so they can navigate to 5 other areas.

When the card has been purchased, the player will be prompted to 'Pan for Gold'. The 'in play' interface is displayed and the player is shown two ways to reveal the gems and gold in the pan. The player can either shake the device or swipe the screen to shake the pan so the silt and water disappears.

This message interface is only shown once as a guide to the player on how to perform dunk actions.

When the game is played on desktop computer and not on a mobile device the player will be prompted to click and drag to empty the pan.

How Do You Win?

Once a game has started, the player will be introduced to a map which will zoom into the 'Goldville' area to enter the game. A prospector sits beside a river, and the player is prompted to buy a card.

Once purchased the player will be prompted to start dunking. The player has 3 dunks to try and find gems and gold. This is done by shaking the device or swiping the screen vigorously to remove the water and silt from the pan to reveal items. If the player finds a gem in the pan then this is added to the paytable which appears between dunks. If the player fills 3 of-a-kind gems during the dunks, then the corresponding win is awarded. If the player reveals more than 3 of the same gems, then the 3 gems are awarded and the following gems re-populate the paytable progressing towards another win. Several wins on the paytable can be offered at the same time.

During game play, golden nuggets may be available for collection. If the player finds a golden nugget this is then added into the Golden Nugget pot at the side of the paytable. These golden nuggets stay persistent between each purchase of a scratch card. Collect 8 golden nuggets to enter the 'BANK' bonus feature. Upon collecting 8 nuggets, the 'BANK' ticket icon will flash to show the player that the 'BANK' bonus has been activated and the golden nuggets in the paytable will clear down. If the Golden Nugget pot has been filled with 8 nuggets, and there are more found during subsequent pans, the Golden Nugget pot clears down and begins repopulating with additional golden nuggets. These contribute towards the next 'BANK' bonus.


Pan For Gold Win values
Turquoise Gem $2
Orange Gem $4
Dark Green Gem $10
Pink Gem $20
Blue Gem $50
Purple Gem $100
Red Gem $500
Green Gem $1,000
Citrine Gem $5,000
Pearl Gem $25,000

All currencies are expressed in CAD. The amounts stated will apply in the user's own currency.

BANK Bonus Feature

When 8 golden nuggets have been collected the 'BANK' ticket icon will flash to show the player that the 'BANK' bonus has been activated, the interface will activate and the screen will transform into the map, and then into the 'BANK' bonus screen.

On the bonus screen there is a set of scales. The gold nuggets are loaded in one side and coins then load into the other to balance the scales. After the scales are levelled, the gold has been weighed and the player is given the amount the 'BANK' has offered.

Please note: The player can collect 8 nuggets and enter the 'BANK' bonus without having achieved a win on the panning section of the game.

BANK Bonus - Mystery Win Values

$4.00, $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, $100.00, $200.00, $1000.00, $5,000.00, $25,000.00

Game Recovery

In the event of a game in real play being interrupted (i.e. started but not completed due to connectivity issues or accidentally closing the browser etc), any winnings will be correctly credited to your account and will be exact according to the result prior to the game being interrupted.

The sequence and values of events leading to the display of the total award, may vary from the animation prior to game recovery. This will not affect the result of the game after the game has recovered.

General Information

This game has a theoretical Return to Player of 91.12%

The maximum payout in this game is $25,000.

System malfunction voids all pays and all plays.

Due to high production values of this game, lower-tier hardware may run into compatibility issues, and in certain instances you will not be able to play.

Game replay is not available for this game. The reason game replay is not available has to do with the way the game works: that is, when the player selects the play button, the Random Number Generator for the game will randomly determine the game outcome. Thereafter, the game will generate and display a random visual to the player that is solely for entertainment purposes. Since the display is not integral to the game outcome, it is not recorded in the player's transaction history. BCLC is able to validate the game outcome, in the case of a dispute.


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