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Recent Lottery Winners

Edilberto, Bernard and Eugenia


Congratulations Edilberto, Bernard and Eugenia!

Winnipeg trio shares $1 million Lotto 6/49 prize!

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Extra winners


Congratulations EXTRA Winners!

Winnipeg friends share $100,000 EXTRA prize

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Congratulations Emily!

Neepawa resident takes home Quarter-Million on Daily Grand Bonus Draw

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Congratulations Michael!

$333,333 prize awarded on Lotto Max

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Congratulations John!

Winnipeg man scores big with $100,000 EXTRA prize

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Congratulations Ariel!

Morden man wins $100,000 on EXTRA!

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Congratulations Edna!

Winnipeg resident plans to share $100,005 prize with her family

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William and Margaret


Congratulations William and Margaret!

Thompson couple wins $111,068.10 on Lotto 6/49!

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Bradley Houston


Congratulations Bradley Houston!

Winnipeg resident wins $1 million on MAXMILLIONS!

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Patrick Boucher


Congratulations Patrick Boucher!

Lotto 6/49 EXTRA Winner Patrick Boucher

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Jie Y.


Congratulations Jie Y.!

Lotto Max Extra winner ready to kick back and relax.

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Casino Winner Stories

Wendy S.


Congratulations Joe!

Free Spins Win Nets Manitoban $100,000

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Gayle P.


Congratulations Gayle!

A Manitoba winner plays Monopoly on and wins an exclusive cruise filled with chances to win cash and prizes.

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Sports Winner Stories

Winner Andrew A


Congratulations Andrew!

'Awesome' win for PlayNow Sports player betting on NFL Point Spread

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Praveen N.


Congratulations Praveen!

Praveen N. of Delta won with the long shots on a four-way parlay

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Louis N.


Congratulations Louis!

Louis N. of Richmond was a winner in the Week One NFL Pool

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Julian Y.


Congratulations Julian!

Julian D. of New Westminster was perfect with a nine-way MLB parlay!

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Mark K.


Congratulations Mark!

Mark K. of Burnaby hit a home run with this four-way MLB parlay!

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Eric R.


Congratulations Eric!

Eric R. cashed in on the St. Louis Blues' Stanley Cup win!

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Salvis S.


Congratulations Salvis!

Salvis S. of Surrey claims historic PlayNow NHL Pool jackpot!

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Marc C.


Congratulations Marc!

Marc was the winner of the inaugural World Cup - Wild Cup Bracket Contest!

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Poker Winner Stories

Beverly and Garry Clermont


Congratulations John Walker!

Start hand with $62.43 at a $.50/$1.00 table and finish hand with $151,281.50 isn't the norm but it was the reality for John Walker.

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Poker Winner


Bad Beat Jackpot Won!

A PlayNow Poker regular, Kelly Dickson won $149,149.75 playing a Bad Beat table on

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