Cleopatra Slot


Match symbols on any of the 20 available paylines and you'll take home a share of the riches of ancient Egypt.

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Paytable/Game Icons

Click the Paytable button to view the win multiples and icon list for the game. Payouts are shown in multiples of the winning line bet.

Icon Description* Payout
2 Icons 3 Icons 4 Icons 5 Icons
Wild Card Wild Card - Cleopatra: Substitutes for any Icon (except Scatter Icon). Has 2X multiplier attached* 10 200 2,000 10,000
Scatter Scatter Icon - Sphinx: Win Free-Spins. (see: Scatter to Free Play section) 2x Total Bet X5 + Free spins X20 + Free spins X100 + Free spins
Scarab Scarab 2 25 100 750
Lotus Lotus 2 25 100 750
Cartouche Cartouche - 15 100 400
Sceptres Sceptres - 10 75 250
Eye Eye - 10 50 250
Ace Ace - 10 50 125
King King - 5 50 100
Queen Queen - 5 25 100
Jack Jack - 5 25 100
Ten 10 (Ten) - 5 25 100
Nine 9 (Nine) 2 5 25 100

*Win lines pay left to right ONLY (except scatter). Payouts are shown in multiples of the winning line bet.

Return to Player

This game has a Return to Player of 95.03%.

System malfunction voids all pays.

What are Winning Lines?

Lines 1 - 5 Lines 1 - 5 Lines 6 - 9 Lines 6 -9
Lines 10 - 13 3 Lines 14 - 17 6
Lines 18 - 20 7

Win Line Indicators

All line wins will be displayed with a blinking win line indicator. The indicator will form a box around the icons that match to award the prize.

Scatters to Free Play

If 3 or more scatter icons appear ANYWHERE in the result of a game, the free play feature is triggered. The number of lines selected for play does not affect the way the scatters are triggered; the scatter icons can appear in any of the 15 visible reel positions. The Wild Card does not count as a scatter Icon.

What happens if I get 3 or more Scatter Icons in a single game?

If you get 3 or more scatters in the result of a single game, the scatter icons will illuminate with an animation. You will be awarded the bonus payment listed below in addition to 15 Free spins:

  • 3 scatter icons pay - X5 Total bet that triggered the scatters
  • 4 scatter icons pay - X20 Total bet that triggered the scatters
  • 5 scatter icons pay - X100 Total bet that triggered the scatters

Free-Spin Functionality

Free Spin prizes awarded in the Free Spin bonus round are TRIPLE the regular value except for 5 Cleopatra.

General Rules About Free-Spins

  • Free plays are free spins that start automatically and play out consecutively until they are exhausted.
  • The talkback area will display all the free spins remaining on the left of the display. The right side will display the total win amount generated from the free spins.
  • The bet and number of lines selected in the game that triggered the free plays will be used for the duration of the free play period.
  • If you get 3 or more scatter icons in a single spin during the free plays, you will receive more free spins and these free spins will be added to your current free spin total.
  • You will also receive the appropriate bonus payment, tripled.
  • Total free spins received by the player in one free spin period (i.e. per triggering Scatter) will not exceed 180.
  • Free spins uses a different reel set to normal play.
  • Free spins start spinning automatically and require no user interaction.

At the end of the free spins a congratulations screen appears covering the game reels which displays the amount won.

Scatter and Free Spin wins are added to any other win line payouts received.

The Wild Card Bonus

A wild card will substitute any standard icon except Scatter, to make the best win possible.

In addition to this, the wild card has a 2X multiplier value attached.

Example: Any 1 win icons and 2 wild cards consecutive (left to right) on a win line would create a payout for 3 of the "non-wild" cards that created the win, plus a X2 wild win bonus.

Note: 2 or more wild cards being part of a win does not further increase the bonus payout.

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