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From Scam to Score - PlayNow Player Wins for Real on Manitoba's Own Gaming Site

Winner Heather


88 Fortunes Megaways

88 Fortunes Megaways

Congratulations Heather!

January 28 – one win of $48,000, and then another win of $72,353. 56 minutes later.

Player Heather C. had mixed emotions when she won $48,000 on her favourite game, 88 Fortunes Megaways. Just an hour later, she got an Epic Win of $72,353.

“When I won the first time, I was surprised. Very surprised. But just not very excited.

“My friend kept asking me, ‘Why are you not excited?!’ I just couldn’t believe it was real.”

When accepting her prize in the PlayNow Winners Lounge, it became clear Heather’s reaction was more than the usual stunned feeling after a large win.

“A couple months ago, I won $17,000 on another site but they never paid me. My friend’s asked me if it was an overseas casino, and I realized I didn’t know where they were or where I was sending my money. I was getting tired of getting ripped off by other sites.

“With PlayNow, you’re a real person in a real place. I have confidence in this site.”

“Now my heart is beating, and I’m a bit shakey. This win is real!”

The Neepawa resident is considering many options for her winnings, including a new vehicle, paying off student loans, investing in her education, as well as helping friends and family. She also plans to gift to charitable causes.

“I won and I really want to give back,” she explained.

Congratulations Heather, wishing you and your family all the best!

Remember, play for fun, not to make money. For more information, visit GameSense.