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Lady of Winnipeg Wins Jackpot on Lady of Egypt!

Winner Aries Lee


Lady of Egypt

Lady of Egypt

Congratulations Aries Lee!

Aries Lee M of Winnipeg was at home the evening of Friday, August 18, playing one of her favourite games, Lady of Egypt, when she reached the bonus round.

She triggered eight Free Spins on the bonus round.

“I love getting to that bonus,” she explained while in the PlayNow Winners lounge. “A few reels show up all in a row, and I get to win a bonus prize on each one.”

“At first when the bonus started, I got like $9. Then one of them got over $100 and that was great! Then I started closing my eyes and not watching the other reels hit.”

She was in for a surprise: the third Free Spin won the Grand Jackpot of $106,475!

“When I opened my eyes, it didn’t even feel real. There were lights and whistles. I didn’t even finish looking at the amount, I saw it was big and I was just so happy. I was jumping and screaming, it was amazing!”

Aries was ecstatic about her win, but she had to wait for her husband to come home to share the news of her win.

 “Once I told him, he was really excited too,” she said.

She plans to pay off some bills first and is considering some investments. “And we’re going to fix our bathroom!” she smiled.

Congratulations Aries Lee, wishing you and your family all the best!

Remember, play for fun, not to make money. For more information, visit GameSense.