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All Smiles When Sharing $100,000!

Winner Brian and Charles


Congratulations Brian and Charles!

Two Winnipeg men are sharing a $100,000 prize after a recent lottery win!

Brian P purchased a Lotto Max ticket on PlayNow on behalf of himself and his friend Charles C. While purchasing his ticket on he decided to add EXTRA for an additional chance to win.

The following day, Brian received an email from advising him to log into his account. players receive a courtesy email if they win a prize. His account showed that the ticket had won $100,000!

Brian and Charles’ EXTRA number matched the last 6 digits of the June 21, 2022, EXTRA number, 2167779, winning them the second prize.

“It feels alright!” Brian said when receiving the prize cheque. Charles too was all smiles.

The two are still considering what to do with their share of the winnings.

EXTRA can be added to any Lotto Max or other host game ticket for just $1 per play.

Congratulations Brian and Charles, wishing you guys all the best!

Remember, play for fun, not to make money. For more information, visit GameSense.