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Sit & Go Tournaments

To enter, click the 'Sit & Go' tab in the lobby.

From this screen, players can register to play or click to watch a tournament (if one is in progress) as well as see all the important aspects of a tournament in real time.

Sit & Go Tournament Rules


Shows the Tournament ID of the tournament played at the specific table.

It is possible to filter tournament types by clicking the Filter button in the top right

Tournament The name of the tournament.
Type Shows if the tournament has a fixed limit, no limit, or a pot limit.
Buy-in Shows the buy in + the entry fee for the selected tournament
Status Shows tournament status.
Players Shows the number of players registered for a tournament / the maximum number of players.

Click the column headings to change the sorting order in the different columns. It is possible to use two columns as sorting keys by first clicking one column and then another (the most important column should be clicked last). Example: To sort the columns in a Texas Hold'em table list by first the type of game and then the stakes, first click the STAKES column, then the TYPE column. The sorting order for each tournament and table list is preserved until it is changed.

Select a tournament by clicking a tournament row. Some information about the tournament is displayed in the pane to the right of the tournament list. For more information, click the Tournament Info button. General tournament information is presented to the left in the screen and more specific information can be found under the two tabs Table Info and Tournament Info. The information differs slightly depending on the status of the tournament.

Sit & Go Tournament Refund Policy

  1. Sit & Go Tournaments will normally be refunded with-in 24 hours of System Downtime Resolution.
  2. If a Heads-Up Sit & Go Tournament is cancelled, both Players receive their buy-in and entry fee back, irrespective of how many chips either player holds.
  3. If a Sit & Go Tournament is cancelled, the tournament is classified as Void, and all players receive their buy-in and entry fee back.

If a Sit & Go Tournament has a buy-in greater than $10 and has 30 players or more, then the tournament will be refunded as per MTT refund policy

Sit & Go Tournament Types

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