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Eligibility Period

Sep 1 - Nov 30, 2017

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About Bargain Buy-Ins

Select tournaments will be available at up to 50% off the regular Buy-In prices. To save some money on your next buy-in, refer to the tournaments schedule below.

Tournament Name Date Time Current Buy-In Fall Buy-In Buy-In Discount
$30,000 GT 1st Sunday of the Month 12:00pm PT/2:00pm CT $100 $60 40%
$20,000 GT Sunday's 1:00pm PT/3:00pm CT $100 $60 40%
$400 GT Daily 2:00pm PT/4:00pm CT $5 $3 40%
$600 GT Daily 3:00pm PT/5:00pm CT $15 $10 33.33%
$2,000 GT Daily 4:00pm PT/6:00pm CT $22 $15 31.82%
$6,000 GT Thursday 5:00pm PT/7:00pm CT $100 $50 50%

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