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Learn How To Play Poker

Hand Ranking

Royal Flush

Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of the same suit.

royal flush

Straight Flush

A straight with all five cards in the same suit. Between two straight flushes, the one with the highest card wins.

straight flush

Four of a Kind or "Quads"

It consists of the four cards of any one rank together with any fifth card; for example four sevens.

four of a kind

Full House

Consists of any three of one kind and any pair of another kind. It is referred to by the three-of-a-kind it contains; the example shown would be "sixes full." Between two full houses, the one with the higher ranking three cards wins.

full house


Consists of any five cards of the same suit, but not in sequence. Two flushes are compared by the highest ranking card in the flush. Where the highest ranking card is the same, the second highest ranking card determines the winner and so on until a difference is found. This flush would be referred to as a "jack high flush."



Consists of any five cards of two or more suits in sequence of rank, with the ace ranking either high or low. Straights are ranked by the highest card in the sequence. Two straights with the same highest card are equal.

straight with ace high straight with ace low

Three of a Kind

Any three cards of the same rank plus two other cards which do not constitute a pair and do not include the fourth card of the same rank. This three of a kind would be referred to as "three nines" or "trip nines."

three of a kind

Two Pair

Ranks next under three of a kind, consists of two cards of one rank, two cards of another rank, and any fifth card which is neither of those ranks; it is referred to by the higher of the two pairs. This would be "Queens up." Or "Queens over Eights." Two hands each containing two pair are compared by the highest pair in the hand. Where the highest pair in both hands is the same, the rank of the second pair is used. If the first and second pair are the same, the kicker is used to rank the hands. If the kicker is the same, the hands are tied.

two pair

One pair

Any two cards of the same rank, together with three other cards which do not combine with the other two to form any of the higher-ranking hands above.

one pair

High Card

Any combination of cards which do not combine to form one of the higher ranking hands above. Two high card hands are ranked by comparing the highest card in the hand.

high card

Please note: Unless otherwise specified in the game rules, suits of cards do not contribute to the rank of a hand. For example: A Royal Flush of Spades and a Royal Flush of Hearts would be considered an equal ranking hand.

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