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Rake Structures

For all real money games, poker room may take a rake from the pot at cash game tables or collect a fee for entering a tournament.

Tournament Entry Fee

Multi table and Sit & Go: When registering to any real money tournament you may pay a fee to the poker room defined as a Tournament Entry Fee. The Tournament Entry Fee is a maximum of 10% of the buy-in for the tournament. For example, if you register to a $10+1 tournament, $10 goes towards the prize pool and $1 will be collected by the poker room as a fee for hosting the tournament.

Cash game rake

When playing in real money ring games, a small percentage of the pot after each hand may be taken as rake by the poker room for hosting the game. We do not charge rake if there is no flop (for flop games) or if the game ends in the first round (non-flop games). You can follow how much rake is taken from each individual pot as it is displayed to the left of the chip tray on the poker table during the hand.

In the table below you can view the full cash game rake structure per table stake and game type.

Micro Limit Tables $0.10/$0.20 Any $0.01 every $0.20 $1.50
Micro Limit Tables $0.25/$0.50 Any $0.05 every $1.00 $1.50
Low Limit Tables $0.50/$1.00 - $1.00/$2.00 Any $0.25 every $5.00 $1.50
Mid Limit Tables $2.00/$4.00 - $10.00/$20.00 Any $0.25 every $5.00 $3.00
High Limit Tables $20.00/$40.00 - $25.00/$50.00 Any
Pot Rake
$30 $0.50
$40 $1.00
$50 $1.50
$70 $2.00
$85 $2.50
$100 $3.00
Micro NL/PL Limit Tables $0.02/$0.04 Any $0.01 when the pot reaches $0.10, $0.20. $0.01 when the pot reaches $0.60. $0.01 for every $0.20 thereafter to the maximum. $3.00
Micro NL/PL Limit Tables $0.05/$0.10 Any $0.01 every $0.20 $3.00
Mid PL/NL Limit Tables $0.12/$0.25 - $25.00/$50.00 2-4 $0.05 every $1.00 $1.50
Mid PL/NL Limit Tables $0.12/$0.25 - $25.00/$50.00 5-9 $0.05 every $1.00 $3.00
All Heads Up Limit Tables $0.25/$0.50 and up 2 $0.25 every $5.00 $1.00
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